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“The children
loved the show.
It was all they
talked about
all day. 
Many wanted 
to make their
own puppets.” 
Wicomico Day School







Preschool to 
grade 5
family audiences.





Program length:
50 minutes
(Shorter versions 






Performance space: 
19’ wide x 17’ deep
with direct access 
to the audience
for participation




 Program built and performed by Kathleen Jacobs   
Whimsical creatures of the forest, mighty animals of the jungle, and imaginary beasts all frolic in Kathleen Jacobs & Puppets production of CREATURES GREAT & small. Three lively stories with surprise endings are followed by a puppet construction demonstration.

A comical puppet skit opens the performance. Laughter resounds when an amusingly persistent bird narrowly escapes being eaten by his intended dinner.

During the telling of an African folk tale, volunteers from the audience experience the wonders of theater first hand. Students come on stage and bring to life 3 large puppet animals.

The child-controlled puppet animals are beseeched by a desperate Rabbit to reclaim his home from a terrible CREATURE. “Jinx the Jackal” and “Little Squirt the Elephant” resort to reckless and brutish schemes to help their frantic friend. Just in time, the clever “Hoppy-Go-Lucky the Frog” uses a trick to expose the Creature’s true identity and save the day. 

The final story is a wonderful example of the power of the imagination. Esmeralda has a creature in her bag and she gives a tantalizing description, but she won’t let the children see it. Kathleen and the audience decide to build a model of what they think must be in the bag. A magnificent 15-foot long Creature GREAT evolves and comes to life with the assistance of 4 child volunteers. Anyone who has ever played the game of gossip will appreciate the outcome of this story.

A follow up demonstration shows children how to make Creatures GREAT & small for their own puppet show.

Kathleen uses audience participation techniques to tap the creativity of her audience. With the aid of puppets and humorous lines, impromptu participants animate the show with their spontaneous reactions. The fun and excitement is shared with the spectators who contribute sound effects and chants.



 Characters learn:   To face and solve problems. 
Brains win over brawn.
Fears are affected by our imagination.
Problems often diminish when confronted.
External appearances don't tell the whole story.
 Literacy:  Reading, Writing, Creative thinking 
 Arts:  Creative dramatics, Creative movement,
 Learn how to make Creature “GREAT”  & 
 Creature “small” puppets
 African Folktale & Two Fantasy Tales  

Teacher’s Guide and Puppet Construction Directions are Provided.


Did you notice examples of exaggeration in the program?
What were the consequences? Our fears grow large in our imagination. That’s what happened to Rabbit and Esmeralda’s friends. Have students tell/write about something that worried
or frightened them until they confronted it. For example: swimming lessons, losing a tooth, getting braces, moving to new home, etc. Have students break into groups to dramatize their stories.

Kathleen designs and constructs all her puppets, costumes and sets. Students can make puppets too. Start by building a simple version of a puppet from the program using the Kathleen’s printed directions as a guide. Puppet construction should be a creative experience. Each finished puppet should have a unique appearance and personality, which reflects the creator’s own ideas.

A puppet needs a human touch to bring it to life. The puppeteer learns how to express personality traits and feelings through
the puppet’s movements and voice. Some ways to develop performing skills are:

 1. Single Puppet Pantomime Skits  
Demonstrate actions: wave hello, scratch an itch, rub tired eyes, yawn, sleep, snore, jump up, walk, run, fall, look for something, pick it up, examine it, laugh, sneeze, point , nod yes or no, bow, etc.
Portray emotions through movement: anger, shyness, excitement, sorrow, happiness, fear, impatience, etc.

 2. Two Puppet Skits  

 Technical Details

 Who?   PreK to grade 4 and Family audiences.
 Where?  Schools, libraries, camps, museums, theaters, festivals
 and community events throughout the Mid-Atlantic
 States. Tours on the East Coast are planned.
 When?   Anytime! We tour year round
 Audience Size  up to 350 people
 Program Length  Full-length performances are 45 to 50
 minutes long. Shorter 25-35 minute shows
 are available for festivals and very
   young audiences.
 Staging Options  
 •Preferred: Raised stage 18 feet wide X 16 feet deep with
   center stairs to access the audience.
 Floor level space approximately 18 feet wide X 16 feet deep.
   Seat children on the floor to insure them an unobstructed
 Sound  Performer provides own sound system with wireless
 Electrical  2 outlets on stage.
 Lighting   Basic lighting. General wash with a concentration of
 light on center and front of stage. House lights
 are kept on low because performer travels into
   the audience.
 Setup/Strike   Set Up: 1 hour, Pack Up: 45 minutes
 Loading/Parking   Please arrange for our van to unload/load
 as close as possible to the venue entrance.
 Provide free parking close to loading area.


"The performance was...absolutely wonderful! The audience participation, the lovely puppets and the encouragement given children to create were combined so beautifully.”

Director, Cecil County Arts Council, MD

“Your love of children was evident in every segment of your performance and the response from them showed a real knowledge of what they enjoy!”
Education Coordinator, The Chrysler Museum, VA

"Many thanks for the excellent performances during Family Reading Nights. Our parents and students were enthralled! It certainly was a wonderful way to support our focus of getting parents involved with reading."
Principal, Edgewood Elementary, MD

"This is one of the best performances we’ve ever presented. Everything was perfect...Great stories, stunning puppets, masterful work with audience and volunteers."
Supervisor of Children’s Programming, Staunton Library, VA

“The show was…interactive & imaginative. The children responded so well. It makes me want to spend a few days making puppets with the children! (And not just use paper bags!!)”
Teacher, Navel Academy Primary School, MD

“Normally I always catch teachers doing their paper work during the assemblies. But during your show they couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get any work done!”
Elementary School Cultural Arts Coordinator


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