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Some Wise...Some Otherwise

Magic Pots & Recycled Bottles

Something for Nothing???

A Large Scale Puppet Spectacle
African & fantasy creatures confront fears

A blue bird is frightened by his intended dinner!
African animals cower before the beast in Rabbit’s house! Esmeralda’s tiny creature grows into a 17-foot long dragon! Under Kathleen’s guiding hand, puppeteers from the audience take control of the puppet animals and help them solve their problems.
In delightful surprise endings we find out that things
are not always what they appear to be.


“All my teachers said the show was awesome! One of the best they’ve seen!
The show was highly enjoyable, very educational, very professional!”
- Principal, Watkins Mill Elementary, MD

A Rollicking Slap Stick Comedy
Three folktales about making wise choices

What happens when “otherwise” characters make decisions? Find out in comic tales from India, China and Iceland. Volunteers from the audience don costumes and join life-size puppets to act out the consequences. Everything that can go wrong… will go wrong! Outlandish disasters, oversize props and a ridiculous chase scene all contribute to the merriment.


“The pace is fast moving, the message is right on target, the audience is enthralled”  - Teacher, Fourth Grade, Neff Elementary, PA

Inventive, Wacky & Fun!
Puppets made from recyclables perform Eco tales

Recycling is given a wonderfully inventive spin when the wacky, clean-up lady goes into show business.
She “recycles” trash into puppet characters and “recycles” folktales into a script. The entire audience
will be actively involved as the clean-up lady
and her puppets perform hilarious tales from
South America, Europe and Asia.


“Every child was alive, engaged, and excited with her recycling message.
The puppets made out of common household items inspired our...future environmentalists…even fifth graders wanted to touch the puppets. High praise!” 
- Director, Roberta Gasbarre, Smithsonian Discovery Theater, Washington DC

A Trio of Trickster Tales
Greedy bullies learn lessons in humanity
Get rich quick at the expense others! That’s the goal of the bullies in these three folk plays. Kathleen enlists kids to play the roles of a leprechaun, some one-eyed people and a poor farmer who will outwit the puppet villains. The audience eagerly joins forces to help our heroes triumph. A puppet building/movement demonstration completes this engaging program.

“A stellar show which really held the kids’ attention. Your actual involvement of children onstage was terrific!” - Director, Don Murphy, National Theater, DC 
“The topics fit in well with our guidance programs- bullying...treating others with respect.” - Teacher, Fourth Grade, Rheems Elementary PA


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